[Sticky] Looking for Small Breweries and Beer lovers to Feature  


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27/01/2019 2:11 pm  


We are looking for some local, smaller Wisconsin Breweries to tour.  We plan to feature breweries and home brew operations of all sizes from all over Wisconsin and want you to be part of it.

If you reach out to us looking to be featured I can promise you the following:  We are easy to get along with and serious about promoting your business or hobby in the funnest and most positive light possible.  If you have even 1 beer we like, we can write a positive story about you!!!!!!

Don't brew beer, just really love it and its a unique part of who you are?  Do something interesting in the Beer industry?  Please reach out!

Please reach out to directly via the contact form:

Wiscobrews Contact Form

Looking forward to hearing from you, lets have some fun!

Til the next round,


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