Stoddards Chipotle Pepper Snack Stick

Way better than that burrito place

I know what you’re probably thinking.  Pictured above is the weirdest looking Wisconsin Beer you have ever seen.  How do you open it?  Who made it?  Why is it out in the snow, all alone?

Well you crazy person the truth is that’s no beer at all.  This here is a pack o’ Chipotle Pepper Snack sticks from Stoddards Country Grove Market in Cottage Grove, WI.

If you think that names a mouthful, you gotta try one of these sticks.  The first thing our talented review team noticed was the strong pepper + smoky flavor.  Not too strong or salty, just about right for anyone to enjoy without being over the top.

These Stoddards Chipotle sticks had a very nice snap when you bit them and an even texture throughout.

A mild heat came in handy considering the temperature outside was a balmy -27 the morning of this review.

You see sometimes its so cold in Wisconsin you have to set the beer down for a minute and warm up.  These Chipotle snack sticks from Stoddards aren’t a bad way to do it.

Til the next round,


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