Party Like Its 1776

32 oz of America

Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company- Old Glory

There’s not many things that make me happier than beer and America.  One thing that does is a damn good beer named after the symbol of America. 

The beer I’m currently raving about is Old Glory from the Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company.  On a fine winters eve in balmy Madison, WI myself and 3 dozen of my closest coworkers boarded a row boat (shuttle bus) and crossed the Delaware (Highway 94) to invade a place rumored to be swarming with beer, some possibly British.

Upon arrival we charged the door and were delighted to find a very nice Pub environment instead of any dastardly Brits.  Because our invading force was so large and hungry we were counterattacked into our own room for a wonderful dinner and some beverages.  Crossing the icy expanses of Wisconsin can make any man thirsty and after opening the menu I discovered immediately the beer for such an occasion.

“Mr. Waiter, I’ll take 32 oz of Old Glory please” I said to the man and unlike that traitor Benedict Arnold he promptly delivered.  This APA specs out at 5.50% abv and according to the Beer Wizards at Great Dane it has a medium body and a hoppy taste.  I’ll be honest I just read that on their website but I was going to write the same exact thing anyway.
When the Mug was set before me I saw the darker color and was expecting something much heavier.  Instead I was treated to a medium body beer that was one of the best I have had in a while.  Almost a Marzen like taste Old Glory was perfectly balanced with just the right amount of hops.  Something like a New Glarus Moon Man is on the extreme end for hoppiness that I can handle and I would give Old Glory a 5 on the old hop 10 scale.  Moon man would be about an 8.
Considering that the the Colonial Army was paying for dinner (Not Great Dane, no affiliation at all with I had to have another.  If 32 oz of Old Glory is good then 64 oz is a Bald Eagle Flying over a youth baseball game in Wisconsin levels of better.  Paired with the excellent Brat & Bacon Pretzel Burger it was a battle worth writing about.
If you find yourself in the Madison or Wausau, Wisconsin area and you have an unquenchable thirst for America you need to head down and see the fine folks at Great Dane.  For that little extra UFFDA I recommend pairing the Old Glory with a Brat Burger.
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